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Real natural honey Singapore



We would love to begin with once upon a time, but this is a story not like any other that you ever heard before. This is the reality of what will happen to the bees and us if nothing changes. Real natural honey is not a syrup that is easy to make. It takes time, effort, and sacrifices from the bees, beekeepers and other people such as farmers and other plants to make the whole ecosystem thrive.


Our Story
Best honey supplier Indonesia

With the growth of population, people want more honey because it is a great product! However, the number of bees cannot support global honey consumption. The amount of honey available is just not enough. Not enough for everyone to enjoy them. This is where we think, ‘how on earth honey is always available?’. We found an answer, and it is depressing and unethical. It is also the reason why the number of bees is decreasing.

‘Adulteration’ that’s the word that we all should take note of. That is the reason why honey is always available. It is fake honey where you mix it with sugar, and it’s not good for your health, and you have been paying your honey for the price of syrup and regular sugar! It is not pure; it is a business technique that does not benefit consumers like you! Also, you have to know that they are getting better and better each day not to be caught.

Not only it is not healthy for you. It is bad for the bees as well! All these businesses perform cruelty towards the bees. They clip the wings of their Queen bee so that the hive will become a bee factory, unbalance food for bees and other things that we think it is not wise to mention it here!



Knowing all the facts and problems, we begin to reminisce a spoonful of pure honey back when adulteration has not been invented. The flavour brings back childhood memories with a twist. There are no herbal-like or nauseated aftertaste. Instead, it tasted pure, complex, floral, and not just a mere sweet liquid.

We miss that moment; we want that honey to be back, we want to bring the joy to you! That is when we decided to indulge ourselves into the world of honey and studied sustainable beekeeping techniques so that you can enjoy the REAL honey as we remember it!



Since the beginning, we have solely focused on taking care of our bees so that they may create the highest quality of honey for you to enjoy. We maintain that quality and connection whilst building a community that people will appreciate, cherish, and love.

We don’t want this to become just a profit-driven business. Where we push all the budget into marketing, but the sense of belongings and community is what we believe should be integrated into. We aim to gather more ethical beekeepers like us and internationally harvest the finest qualities of honey from around the world straight from our beekeeper to you. Untreated, Unprocessed, Unpasteurised. Like it’s meant to be from nature.

Our dream is that we could maintain our community and always serve the best qualities of honey there is while creating a suitable environment for bees to work in. Did you know that most of our foods are available because of bees that pollinate them? Exactly. We are not doing honey as an exclusive favour but also for other foods!  With our vision and your support. We can make it; we can do it, and they will be happy and hopefully they will live happily ever after.

Our Vision


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